Anita Robertson bio photoI am passionate about helping people heal, grow, and realize their full potential. Everyone experiences challenges throughout life. Therapy is a way to overcome and grow through difficult times. My intention is to create a safe, supportive and healing environment that empowers individuals to thrive. My area of focus is relationships. Whether it be working on a romantic, family, or friendly relationship, I combine a variety of therapeutic techniques, including attachment theory, Gottman Therapy, and Emotionally Focused therapy to provide insights and tools to healthier, more satisfying relationships.

I specialize in working with families that have a loved one with a mental illness. Watching a loved one struggle can be an overwhelming and emotionally draining time that can lead to chronic grief. I work with individuals on processing their complex emotions, promoting healthy coping skills and positive ways to support one’s family members.

I offer a support group for adolescents with a family member with a mental illness. This group is a combination of support, psychoeducation, and therapeutic activities to promote healthy coping skills and understanding of loved ones’ illnesses. Adolescence can be a challenging time and connecting with others in similar situations in a safe space can be transformative. Please contact me at for more information.

I received a B.A. in Psychology with a focus on Child Development from the University of Rochester in 2005, a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin in 2014 and am a Licensed Master’s Social Worker (LMSW). I am a part-time School Social Worker at Cedars International Academy where I provide therapy to youth and families. I have been working with youth, individuals, and families in Austin for the last 7 years, including the VA Outpatient Hospital and Salvation Army. I proudly served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras from 2006-2008 and offer services in Spanish.

In my free time, I enjoy Austin’s nature, food, and music scene. I also volunteer at Explore Austin, NAMI, and Austin’s Healthy Youth Partnership (HYP).

I also offer the two following groups:

Premarital Small Group Counseling

Premarital group counseling is a fun way to explore topics in your relationship and meet other couples. The group will explore various topics including communication, finances, and family. It also provides best practices for increasing relationship satisfaction and deepening your connection. Each couple will also receive a 1.5 hour private counseling session to explore any topics unique to them. Groups are 3 to 4 couples and will be tailored to the group’s interest and needs. Couples may choose to pay $35 to take a PREPARE/ENRICH assessment that highlights strength and growth areas of each couple and will be used during group classes. Couples completing the 8 hours should qualify for the Texas Twogether program that provides a discount on a marriage license.

Girl Power for Tweens

Tween years can be challenging for youth and their parents. This group for girls (ages 10-12) will support them in discovering who they want to become and handling the challenges of tween life. This psychoeducational support group will explore gender roles and the media, self-esteem, healthy relationships and healthy coping skills to take on stress, anxiety and hormones. Group combines evidence based curriculum with therapeutic activities and processing. Parents will receive information each week about each topic with questions and activities to explore with their daughter to deepen what is learned during group. Groups are ideal for this age as it is a safe space to explore topics, realize that others experience similar feelings and experiences, and build healthy friendships.