“Moving to a new city is a unique experience for every single individual”

Are You New To Austin TX?

Austin Texas is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Based on population growth averages for 2012, its estimated that approximately 158 new people move to the city of Austin every day.

Austin is known for attracting university students, musicians, tech workers, military personnel, entrepreneurs and more.

People change locations for all sorts of reasons. Whether your move is exciting and interesting or full of obstacles and challenges, adjusting to a new city, climate, and culture can take some time.

It isn’t uncommon for the adjustment to a new environment to be coupled with intense anxiety, debilitating depression, or a lack of sufficient coping mechanisms.

Louis Laves-Webb and his associates are trained to assist clients with the challenges and stressors of adjusting to a new city.

You can benefit from our Austin counseling services by:

  • Acclimating more easily to your new environment.
  • Having a secure touchstone during your adjustment phase.
  • Receiving encouragement and support during what can be the stressful phase of meeting new friends and acquaintances.
  • Receiving assistance in securing a functional support system in your new environment, I.E: medical, medication-management, family support, extra-curricular, social, etc.
  • Having the opportunity to process some of the powerful emotions that can arise during your transition.
  • Receiving encouragement, insight, and support during this time.
  • Getting assistance managing the stressors and confusion that can often accompany a new job, school or a period of “in-between”.
  • Assistance in managing or mitigating any depression, anxiety, or inability to cope that may arise during your transition to Austin.

If you are new to Austin, and are having some difficulties adjusting, please call us today at 512-914-6635.