What Makes a Counselor?

What Makes a Counselor

There are many different approaches to counseling, but a good counselor makes every effort to get to know you. A good counselor shows empathy and concern and gets out of their own way so that you can do the work that you came to do. A good counselor isn’t a perfect person, but they’re someone who’s supportive, engaging and offers a valuable, professional opinion.

Couples & Marriage Counseling

Benefits of Couples Counseling

Couples usually come into counseling when there’s unhealthy patterns in their relationship that are leading to resentment, frustration, defensiveness, or loneliness. Counseling can help offer an opportunity to bridge some of those gaps, to work on communication, and to experience new ways of interacting with one another. Hopefully, when leaving counseling, you have the opportunity to grow closer together, to experience a deeper level of intimacy and connection, and to know one another in ways that you weren’t able to know each other previously.

3 Signs of Depression

3 Warning Signs of Depression

As I think first and foremost, isolation. Isolation if you notice that you just tend to isolate and withdraw. And that can look like a number of different things. It can look like sleeping all the time. It can look like not returning phone calls, not reaching out to friends and family. That’s a pretty significant sign.