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How To Cope With Holiday Stress

The holidays can be a time to share and come together with your family, to remember those that are no longer with you, and an opportunity to extend yourself beyond your normal interpersonal “comfort zones.” However, there can be an ample amount of stress this time of the year due to the holiday hustle and bustle, grief over lost loved ones, loneliness, spoken or unspoken holiday expectations, or some of the family dysfunction that can arise during the holidays.

Here are some tangible suggestions to help you cope more positively with the season.

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Get Good At Feeling Bad

One of the first challenges to a greater level of overall emotional intelligence is knowing how to handle intense or seemingly powerful emotional reactions. Ultimately, adults are left to advocate for one’s emotional needs or to tolerate the seemingly intolerable intensity of an emotional experience. Let’s more closely examine the benefit and challenge of the later.

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Self-Sabotaging Behavior on Tilt Via The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is a movie that is widely recognized for its unique plot and memorable characters. The rebel John Bender, the jock Andrew Clark, the pampered Claire Standish, the nerd Brian Johnson, and the introvert Allison Reynolds, all showcase their unique personalities, including their adolescent ways of protecting, fortressing, and establishing each of their own defensive structures.

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How To Respond To Hateful Comments

The difficult truth is that people don’t always “play nice” or engage in a manner which engenders conversation or acceptance. Sometimes people will act downright ugly and engage in hateful commentary. Social media and other forms of modern day communication make it even easier to share thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, including hateful communications at times.