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What Are Coping Skills?

Coping skills, also sometimes called “coping mechanisms,” are tools that help us deal with triggers, anxieties, and stressors in our lives. In a sense, they are the ways we choose to comfort or calm ourselves. Each of us has our own methods for working through stressful, painful, or difficult emotions and experiences. Some of these methods are things we turned to naturally, and some have evolved from what we learned throughout our lives. Coping skills are something everyone uses, but sometimes we develop ways of dealing with difficulties that end up harming us in the long run–manifesting in addiction, avoidance, or bottled emotions.

3 Signs of Depression

3 Warning Signs of Depression

As I think first and foremost, isolation. Isolation if you notice that you just tend to isolate and withdraw. And that can look like a number of different things. It can look like sleeping all the time. It can look like not returning phone calls, not reaching out to friends and family. That’s a pretty significant sign.