What does a psychotherapist do?

What Does a Psychotherapist Do?

Therapists act as a guide towards helping their clients find out how they genuinely feel. Some clients feel better and find their solutions in a couple of sessions, while for others therapy may entail be a longer journey. However, for those clients who are courageous enough to be honest, curious, and vulnerable in treatment, the results can be rewarding and ultimately life-enhancing.

boredom therapy

Boredom Therapy – The Therapeutic Benefits of Being Bored

Boredom is beneficial in that it triggers us to search for meaning. Despite often being thought of as a mundane, passive emotion, boredom is much more. It’s not a single emotion but an expansive spectrum of emotions related to one’s desire for a meaningful life. And it can be a strong motivator for making positive changes to your life. Learn more about how boredom’s therapeutic benefits.