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Boredom Therapy – The Therapeutic Benefits of Being Bored

Boredom is beneficial in that it triggers us to search for meaning. Despite often being thought of as a mundane, passive emotion, boredom is much more. It’s not a single emotion but an expansive spectrum of emotions related to one’s desire for a meaningful life. And it can be a strong motivator for making positive changes to your life. Learn more about how boredom’s therapeutic benefits.

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Therapy for Anxiety: How Does It Work?

Most of us experience feelings of anxiety at some point in our lives. We may feel worried about a job interview, attending an event where we won’t know anyone, or getting lost on an upcoming trip. Occasional, mild anxiety is natural; but if your anxiety is severe, ongoing, and/or prevents you from fully engaging in life, it may be time to seek additional support.

What Makes a Counselor?

What Makes a Counselor

There are many different approaches to counseling, but a good counselor makes every effort to get to know you. A good counselor shows empathy and concern and gets out of their own way so that you can do the work that you came to do. A good counselor isn’t a perfect person, but they’re someone who’s supportive, engaging and offers a valuable, professional opinion.