Supervised By Louis Laves-Webb, LCSW, LPC-S

Are you ready to experience life with more clarity, confidence, ease, meaning, and purpose? Connecting to your inner world, including emotions, memories, dreams, and limiting beliefs, can be a key element in claiming a more authentic life. Although taking that courageous first step to enter therapy and begin to explore your inner self may feel initially uncomfortable I aim to make the process as serene as possible. I serve as a compassionate and caring guide on your journey as you understand and develop yourself and realize more of your potential.


Therapy offers a safe environment for the exploration of your life. What might be keeping you from your fullest expression? As areas of your life are unpacked and examined, some may still be useful, but need upgrades; other areas, you may have outgrown. Additionally, you may discover new ways of being that will better serve you. I will facilitate and support you during this discernment process to build and claim more of who you truly are.


Humans operate on multiple levels. My theoretical approach is similarly multifaceted to include thoughts, feelings, emotions, and the body. I weave a wide variety of approaches that best suit your treatment goals, including depth psychology, neurobiology, mindfulness, attachment, positive psychology, solution-focused, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.


My counseling experience includes working with professionals, young adults, parents, and older adults. I have assisted clients with anxiety and depression, grief and loss, relationship challenges, career challenges, life transitions, trauma, and stress management. In addition to my social work training, I am also a Certified Human Potential Life Coach and can help you identify your values and reach your lifestyle goals.


My hobbies include dance, yoga, dream work, astrology, and being in nature. As a former attorney, I am a part of the movement to promote lawyer mental health and wellbeing. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, biohacking, exercising, and exploring new ways of improving this shared human experience.

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Supervised By Louis Laves-Webb, LCSW, LPC-S