cindy noland

“Working with the material of the Self prepares you for the stage.” – Martha Graham

I love the deeper things. Taking my cue from Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, I developed the belief that therapy is “the hero’s journey”. The hero I speak of is you. It takes courage to journey into one’s own vulnerabilities. We’ve been taught that it’s dangerous and dark, a “forest of no return.” In this place you will encounter the “beasts” that hold you back, and triumph over them. I would be privileged to accompany you on that journey, keeping you safe on your path — determined by your goals — and collecting your strengths along the way. I’ll bring my training, intuition, and high regard for you, to prepare you for a starring role on your life’s stage.

In theory, I take an integrative approach, with expertise in psychodynamic psychotherapy, developmental psychology, and IFS (Internal Family Systems). I specialize in working with couples as well as individuals. With couples, I focus on communication — slowing it down, and focusing on emotions behind issues. For parents, my coaching is unique, combining not only discipline instruction, but adding individualized responses to your particular child — their developmental stage, and how to respond to their particular personality.

All are welcome in my comfortable therapy rooms, including any culture, LGBTQ+, and non-binary. I work to constantly suspend any preconceived notions and follow your truth, with unconditional positive regard and support.

I specialize in working with:

  • couples therapy
  • chronic epression/anxiety
  • complex trauma
  • life direction/transitions
  • parent coaching
  • child/adolescent therapy
  • co-parenting
  • transgender support (all ages)
  • addictions/troubling behaviors
  • families impacted by addiction
  • adult children of dysfunctional families

My own journey has provided me with a wealth of life experience to draw upon. As I lifelong learner, I’m known to always have a book nearby. I have worked with individuals of all ages who have intellectual and developmental disabilities, walked hand in hand with those in recovery for 30 years, and advocated for the vulnerable through activism.

In my spare time, I enjoy recharging my batteries with friends, yoga, nature hikes, movies, music, art and travel. My two cats, The Outlaw Rex and Little Liza Jane, are my constant companions, along with my best friend Alan.