Having regular sessions with Louis, both alone and with my husband has help me in a myriad of ways. Louis has helped me open up emotionally, which is not typically in my nature, so I could work through various issues and gain a sense of calm in my life. He is not only helped me to determine how to fulfill my needs but more importantly how to determine what those needs are. Louis having such a logical Approach to issues that are rooted with so much emotion has help me step back and really evaluate what I need to do to have a fulfilling life, which has helped me reach a place of stability that I have never experienced before.


“By the time we made an appointment with Louis, about the only thing we could agree on was the need to see a counselor. And so we walked in to our first session with more rigidity than hope. But he got us talking. And working. We came back. We dug in. We connected. We didn’t reclaim what we had lost or go back to where we had once been – we went forward to a deeper love than we could have imagined. And so we left our final session with Louis with grateful tears in our eyes because his guidance had not only brought us to this place but he somehow made us proud of each other and of ourselves in the process.”


If you’re a satisfied client please consider leaving your review with only your first name for confidentiality.


“Mr Laves-Webb offered me a safe environment to be vulnerable and explore my buried feelings, free of judgement and criticism. He listened, was empathetic and yet challenged me in ways that allowed me to dig deeper within myself to find MY own solutions… MY own voice… and MY own path. With his guidance, I was able to develop new tools and strategies to deal with life’s curveballs and change old destructive patterns. Mr Laves-Webb was a powerful ally in my growth and as a result of my therapeutic experience, today I am a better version of myself, with a better relationship with myself, resulting in better relationships with others.”


“When I first got in touch with Louis, I knew I needed help with the events going on in my life. What I didn’t know was just how much help I actually needed. After three years of patience, hard work and perseverance (on both of our parts!), I came to realize just how emotionally closed off I really was. With his help, I learned how important it is to be both aware of and understand my emotions. He showed me how my emotions provide necessary information to help me navigate my everyday life. He taught me skills that helped me as an individual, in my relationship with my wife and in every other facet of my life. To every person who thinks emotions are useless, get in the way or are a sign of weakness, as I had once thought, I would challenge you to reconsider. Louis showed me just how powerful emotional awareness can be. I would encourage anyone in need to seek out Louis and get his help. If you are willing to give him a chance, I am confident you won’t be disappointed.”


“I was driving to work the other day and reflecting on the last few years and it occurred to me that I should send you a thank you note for the work that we did together. Your advice and insight really helped me make some positive changes in my life. I’ve been at a job for the past 2.5 years with a company and team that really respects what I do, working on a project I’m really proud of and excited to finish. I’m coming up on my one year anniversary married to a man who pushes me to expand my boundaries (and I him) and is truly my partner in everything. I wouldn’t have had the courage to start living my life for myself instead of trying to keep everyone happy at the cost of my own well-being without the work that we did. It was those meetings that gave me the courage to stand up and make some changes and live my own damn life for a change. For all of that, I just wanted to say thank you. You really helped me out.”


“In my sessions with Louis, he proved to be patient and kind while diligently enlisting his talent and training to help me grow. Our work together led to drastic advancement in my emotional well being, with improved self-awareness, self-esteem, and ability to self-care. I find myself today a much healthier person, in my professional and family life, and I just plain feel happy.”


Louis has helped my husband and I grow throughout the time leading up to our marriage as well as now that we are married. We both needed to grow in different ways and Louis was able to help us work on those areas while still nurturing our relationship. He helped us foster a healthy, happy and fulfilling marriage and has given us methods of effectively communicate with each other that we use every day.


“I’ve worked with therapists for the last 7 years and I’ve never had such a positive experience like I’ve had with Kalee. The perfect balance of feeling safe and cared for while also giving friendly and intelligent guidance to achieve my therapy goals. A+++++!”


After sessions with Kalee Gower, I often find myself getting in my car, blasting music, and feeling a sense that all’s well in the world!

Common Client Experiences

Although everyone’s experience of therapy is unique, here are some common themes that many people encounter:

  • Clearer direction stemming from previously frustrating feelings.
  • Greater access to all expressions of emotion.
  • A stronger and more confident self image.
  • Deeper honesty with yourself and others.
  • More clarity and calmness during life transitions and unanticipated situations.
  • Creative and positive change, fueled by a greater depth of awareness and feeling.
  • A willingness to embrace the effort, struggle, and the learning that it takes to create new movement.
  • Honoring and living with overwhelming or traumatic situations.
  • Finding and redefining your niche in your work life.
  • Less overall shame and more hope in the future.
  • Treating yourself with greater reverence and more respect.
  • Creating and recreating closeness and intimacy in relationships.

Reviews were obtained with the permission of each patient. Names have been withheld to protect patient confidentiality.