Louis Laves-Webb,LCSW,LPC-S and his team of Austin counselors are committed to helping those in need of support. To assist clients that may have a greater financial need, we offer reduced fees and sliding scale therapy

Sliding Scale Counseling Fees

Individual Session

$80 – $100

Couples Session

$100 – $120

Group Session

$30 – $50

Please contact us for more information on our sliding scale slots, as we have a limited number of available spaces. Further slots may be available on an individual basis, based on need.

Therapy for all income levels.

Advantages of Sliding Scale Counseling

Therapy and counseling in Austin might seem out of reach due to the concern about pricing and insurance. Sliding scale counseling provides a less expensive alternative so anyone can receive the benefits of counseling.

Some insurance companies might cover only a partial amount of sessions, pressuring you to feel rushed and not benefit from the full effects of counseling or maybe you don’t feel comfortable sharing that amount of information with your insurance provider due to your situation.

Our sliding scale counseling fees provide you a chance to focus on becoming a better you – without the added worries of payment, insurance, or how you will make ends meet if you choose to pursue help through counseling.

With sliding scale rates, you receive the benefits of counseling in a more affordable way.

About our Sliding Scale Counseling

There are many people who are interested in counseling but are unsure of just how it will fit into their budget.

For those individuals and families, Louis Laves-Webb and Associates offers the option for sessions at sliding scale rates which provide lower rates for those in need.

Clients who are uninsured or under financial strain can now enjoy affordable therapy in Austin without sacrificing quality for their care.

By doing this, our goal is to provide help to those who wish to better their life but who may have some present financial barriers to receiving treatment.

Contact us today to get started.