6 Simple Ways To Prepare For A Relationship

Louis Laves-Webb

September 21, 2016

Relationships are made up of a variety of elements, which include time, energy, and dedication. Having a positive mindset allows for you to enjoy the rewards of a relationship, which is why it’s recommended that you prepare yourself for a relationship at your own pace.

The more time you invest in allowing yourself to reach happiness will result in a greater sense of fulfillment with your emotions, physical well being, and financial future following suit. This sense of personal fulfillment will then allow you to invest yourself and complement your partner’s happiness to grow together as a couple.

While counseling is a great start, here are 6 simple suggestions that will help you prepare for a relationship so that you and your loved one are ready for a future together.

Complete Yourself

Before you can fully commit to another person, allow yourself to be confident and complete yourself by pursuing your goals in life. Being happy with who you are and behaving as such will allow you to be on the path to becoming a stronger, more independent individual, and thus more accepting of giving yourself to someone else. After all, giving yourself as a complete person allows you to fully enjoy your partner.

Drop the Check List

Compatibility is important, but having a list of “must-have” traits for a relationship could restrict your ability to find someone that complements your life in a way that makes you happy. Be open to learning new experiences from a partner. You may discover something new about them as well as yourself.

Improve Yourself

One of the recommended ways to attract the person you want to be with is to be that you would want to attract. Prepare to enhance your life by achieving your personal goals and taking care of your body and mind. By achieving your accomplishments, you’ll draw in people who have a similar mindset.

Leave the Past Behind

Don’t let a past heartbreak keep you from forging new relationships and enjoying your life. Allow old wounds to rest and learn from previous mistakes by forging on and realizing that the emotions will be there. This will be the first step in embarking on your next relationship with wisdom and insight while leaving the negative emotions and experiences behind.

Don’t Look for Someone to “Fix” You Or Somebody to “Fix”

Understand that wholeness comes from within – a partner can’t “fix” you because there is nothing about you that someone else needs to fix. A sustainable partnership doesn’t always rely on rescuing one another. Some situations and experiences in your life may need to be overcome or accepted, but a partner will do it with you, not attempt to do it for you.

Stop Searching, Start Living

Being a happy, whole individual is important, and enjoying life without searching solely for a relationship is key. Pursue activities that will bring fulfillment to your life, such as painting, writing, or even learning a new recipe. Don’t let the search for a relationship be your end-all, be-all goal in life. Rather, focus on your personal well-being and happiness and the rest will follow.

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