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Our team has the education, training, and experience necessary to provide authentic, effective therapy. We continuously learn and train, to ensure that you are getting the best care possible.



We love helping our clients identify and achieve their mental health goals. Your mental health is essential and we want to guide you on your journey towards wellness.



We believe that professional mental health services and therapy should be available to everyone, which is why we are proud to offer fair rates, and guide you through insurance hurdles.


Mental Health Therapy & Counseling

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a collaboration between an individual and a therapist with an end goal of helping work towards improving quality of life by managing complex situations, solving their problems, and achieving their goals.

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling works by allowing a couple to have a more objective view of their relationship. The purpose is to modify dysfunctional behavior, decrease emotional avoidance, improve communication, and promote each individual’s strengths.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is when a group of people meets with a therapist to address problems, process interpersonal interactions, and support one another’s emotional growth. Its purpose is to bring together multiple people who have been through similar experiences.

Anxiety Therapy

Did you know that anxiety disorders affect 40 million adults over 18 in the United States? If you’re feeling discouraged, remember you’re not alone and that there are many effective anxiety treatments for anxiety that have worked for a large number of people.

Depression Therapy

Depression is one of the most common motives for seeking therapy. Even though it can look similar in different people, our depression therapists work diligently to understand your unique experience with the disorder to learn what is most concerning for you.

Mindfulness Therapy

As you might guess, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy combines mindfulness practices with cognitive therapy. By doing so, our mindfulness therapists are able to offer treatment for a variety of concerns, including depression, anxiety, and addiction.

Addiction Counseling

There is no single cause of alcohol abuse. Mental health professionals agree that a combination of hereditary and environmental factors are responsible for addiction. Our addiction psychotherapists will help you implement treatments to achieve your goals.

PTSD Counseling

Post-traumatic stress often develops after being exposed to trauma, be it mental or physical. Our therapeutic treatments for PTSD help you to incrementally confront what you’ve been avoiding. This allows you to relabel your traumatic memories as nonthreatening.

EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy is an evidence-based therapy model that is used to treat trauma and to promote the brain’s natural capacity to heal itself in response to adverse experiences.

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are serious illnesses that can impact individuals mentally and physically. If you’re suffering from this disorder, it’s important to get the proper care. We have an experienced psychotherapist on staff (Emily Bent) who specializes in eating disorders.

Anger Management

Anger management counseling isn’t fundamentally about eliminating anger. Instead, counseling can help you learn healthier ways to handle and express your anger. Our anger management therapists can also help you alter the way triggering situations affect you.

Autism Therapy

Being a child or adult with autism spectrum disorder or high functioning autism can be lonely and frustrating. Our autism psychotherapists will help you become the productive, gracious human being you are behind your mask.

Child Therapy

Adolescence can be a tumultuous time. As children grow into adults, they naturally strive to loosen their ties to their parents. Our child therapists offer a safe environment where children and adolescents can be heard, acknowledged, and listened to.

LGBTQ Counseling

Our LGBTQ counseling provides guidance to people identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or are questioning issues related to any kind of sexuality and gender. We’ll help you find support and understanding for the problems you’re going through.

Sex Counseling

At some point, everyone experiences some kind of sexual concern. Sex therapy is a beneficial step that can be taken in order to best address this sensitive topic. Our Austin psychotherapists will help you work through your sexual concerns.


Two Convenient Locations

Central Austin

601 W 18th Street

Austin, TX 78701

Our main office is located in a historic part of downtown Austin near the University. The office is a converted house that is inviting and cozy.

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North Austin

3818 Spicewood Springs Road

Suite 300

Austin, TX 78759

Our north office is nestled in the hill country near the Spicewood Springs greenbelt. We’re on the 3rd floor across the street from Taco Shack.

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Senior Partners

Louis Laves-Webb, LCSW, LPC-S

Supervisor of Psychotherapy in Austin, TX

“I am a licensed clinical social worker supervisor for individuals, couples, and families. My counseling approach is client-focused and includes being receptive, collaborative, and patient. We’ll work together to build upon your individual strengths.

I view therapy as a co-created healing journey, containing a unique therapeutic approach for each client. I can be empathic and sincere, while blending in light-heartedness when needed.   I bring solid assessment skills, ample experience, and presence beyond reproach.  Together we will work toward creating safety and meaningful conversation as you grow toward cultivating your strengths, enhancing your relationships, and ultimately finding deeper satisfaction.”

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Master’s in Clinical Social Work from UT Austin
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker Supervisor (LCSW)
  • Licensed Profesional Counselor Supervisor (LPC-S)

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Kalee Gower, LCSW

Clinical Director

“I view my role as your co-pilot. My job is to help you navigate the depths of your feelings, thoughts, and memories with the goal of unleashing your innate strengths. I do so with genuine curiosity and openness, integrating my training in several therapeutic treatments.”

  • Master’s in Clinical Social Work from UT Austin
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

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Meet Our Associate Therapists

Robbie Price, LPC-Intern

“I believe we can experience greater awareness and understanding of ourselves, others and our struggles from exploring how we experience the past and present relationships in our lives.”

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Courtney Czar, LMSW

“My aim is to help you connect the parts of your story into a cohesive whole.”

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Irina Garcia, LPC-Intern

“My name is Irina Garcia and I am a bilingual psychotherapist fluent in English and Spanish.”

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Alyssa Frers, LPC Intern

“I intend to walk alongside you as a co-explorer on your journey in therapy, to help you navigate your emotional and relational “landscape”, and uncover and utilize your valuable inner resources”

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Deric Hollings, LMSW, LPC-Intern

“When I first considered a career in the field of mental, emotional, and behavioral health, I knew I wanted to serve others in a meaningful way.”

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Kaitlyn Begnaud Terro, LPC-Intern

“My name is Kaitlyn Begnaud Terro, LPC-Intern and I specialize in working with individuals and couples.”

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Andrea Butler, LPC-Intern

“I believe one of the most important aspects of counseling is the relationship between the client and therapist.”

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Susan Miller, LPC-Intern

“I tailor your therapy to YOU and the goals we set together to make your life more satisfying and less stressful.”

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Our Story

In 2002, Louis Laves-Webb, LCSW, LPC-S & Associates was founded to develop a psychotherapy practice valuing intellect, emotion, and growth. Nearly 20 years later, our therapy practice has assisted numerous clients, practitioners, and our larger community in helping heal and address the mental health needs of our community.

We help our clients access their strengths, achieve emotional growth, and deepen their capacity for intimacy. Our goal is to continue to offer Austin therapy and counseling services that provide support and insight to those feeling restless and looking for lasting change.

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