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We have extensive experience in Individual Counseling,
Couples Counseling, Adolescent/Young Adult Concerns,
International/Cultural Concerns, and Family Therapy.

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We offer group therapy for those
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• Transgender Support Group • Social Norms / Anxiety Group
• Mental Health Support Group • Men’s Process Group
• Personal Exploration Group • Grief and Loss Support Group


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You may be presented with a perplexing, frightening, or intolerable situation. No one goes untouched by life’s unfolding. During these periods of unrest, speaking with a professional counselor can be a source of support, insight and an opportunity for enduring change.

My name is Louis Laves-Webb LCSW, LPC-S

I am a licensed clinical social worker supervisor and a licensed professional counselor supervisor with over 20 years of experience providing counseling for individuals, couples, and families. My counseling approach is client-focused and includes being receptive, collaborative, and patient. I build upon your individual strengths and take into consideration your environment and your specific circumstances. Additionally, I work to provide you with a greater understanding, personal insight, and tangible results.

I can be light-hearted when needed while at the same time serious and sincere. Counseling sessions honor your individual process and offer reflection and feedback, allowing you the opportunity to resolve conflicts, enhance your strengths, and ultimately find deeper satisfaction.

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601 W 18th Street

Austin, TX ‎78701

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4601 Spicewood Springs Rd. Bldg 4, Suite 200

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Meet the Associates

Meet Kalee

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“My belief is that you hold many of the answers within, and by gently turning inward and with a little coaching, we can tap into your system’s wisdom to resolve what’s no longer working for you.”

Meet Cindy

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“I strive to really listen, truly understand your culture, and your strengths, and work hard to keep you as the focus of the transformation and growth.”

Meet Emily K.

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“As a therapist, I work to create a safe and loving environment that allows for self-inquiry and for exploration of the many parts that make up our beings.”

Meet Emily B.

emily bent associate video thumbnail

“My goal is to help you create healthier ways to manage these difficult times so you may lead a more satisfying life.”

Meet Harley S.

harley steen associate video thumbnail

“I believe the most powerful transformations happen in the context of an empathic, attuned relationship.”

Meet Claire

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“My aim as a therapist is to be fully present with you in order to help you get in touch with what really matters, deep in your heart.”

Discover how our theoretical approach can benefit you:

The relationship between the therapist and client has repeatedly been shown to be the most effective and powerful component of a successful therapeutic outcome. We work to ensure that the relationship is one of strength, support, growth, and potential. Each session, situation, and client is unique; our clinical approach is based on your individual needs, strengths, and circumstances. We allow for a broad view of human behavior, examining conscious and unconscious drives and motivations. We are a strength oriented practice and respect our clients past experiences together with resiliency and hope for the future. Our theoretical orientation contains multiple “lenses” from which we draw, including the models listed:

  • Psychodyamic theories
  • Relational models
  • Attachment theories
  • Emotionally-Focused perspectives
  • Cognitive-Behavioral approaches
  • Neuro-Biological theories
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Eastern philosophies
  • Strengths-Based models
  • Narrative work
  • Existential (logotherapy)
  • Transpersonal models
  • Cultural models
  • Systems-based models
  • Oppression-based models
  • Client-Centered approaches

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