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Our Coaching and Consulting services are specifically designed for those individuals who have an ongoing need to reach their full potential and need a highly skilled and tenacious 3rd party to offer unyielding support and encouragement, point out their blind spots, and say the “hard things”. For these clients, the pain of staying stagnant is much worse than the humility required to ask for help or the possible anxiety inherent in achieving their potential.

We emphasize growth, strategy, and intelligent risk-taking to help our clients maximize their capabilities and potential. For those that are looking to sincerely enhance their lives, increase their productivity and profitability, and are wanting to be the very best versions of themselves, there is another way.

Perhaps you are beginning with a hunch that you could be more or there is more in life for you to experience. We can clarify and develop your unique vision together. If you have plateaued or become paralyzed in your own self-limited foresight resulting in little to no action, allow us to step in.

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative process that aims to improve performance on multiple levels with an emphasis on the ‘here and now’ and future goals and aspirations. Coaches partner with their clients to design the life they want, bring out their clients’ innate brilliance and resourcefulness and help them achieve their own definition of excellence.

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How Does Coaching Differ From Psychotherapy?

Coaching differs from psychotherapy in that:

Unlike psychotherapy, it does not focus on or address diagnostic mental health concerns.

Unlike psychotherapy, it does not fall under the jurisdiction of a specific governing body.

Coaching targets future goals and emphasizes creating specific changes to reach those desired goals.

Coaching places minimal interests on an individual’s past or family of origin experiences. Instead, it focuses on actionable present-focused, cognitive, and behavioral interventions.

Psychotherapists face more restrictions than coaches, in terms of where and how they are able to offer services. They must be licensed in the state in which they practice, for example, while coaches are not limited in the same way; they can work throughout all of the United States and internationally.

Psychotherapy is more traditionally offered face to face in an office, while coaching happens frequently over the phone or via the internet.

Coaching related to one’s profession, or business-environment is considered consulting. Consulting is a training method in which a more experienced or skilled individual provides a client with advice and guidance intended to help develop the client’s skills, performance and career. A consultant is usually an expert or a professional in a specific field and has a wide area of knowledge in a specific subject. Consultants can save their clients time, increase revenue, and help maintain their resources. Our 20 years of business experience, clinical wisdom, and many hours spent working with individuals in a variety of business environments have given us a unique consulting advantage and skill set.

What Sets Our Coaches Apart?

Our coaching/consultation services not only offer specific recommendations perfect for entrepreneurs, professionals, and those interested in figuring out their path or next steps, but do so while employing the strengths and expertise of a listening professional. This listening ability combined with our business acumen and formulaic consultation allows for “next level” experiences.

So what does this mean for you? It means that we hear our client’s emotional experiences, substantive meaning, and personal value propositions along the way. It means that not only do we hear what’s being said but equally what’s not being said or discussed. Finally, it means that we lead with your unique values, hopes, and dreams heard and understood. This listening ability combined with our business acumen and formulaic consultation allows for “next level” experiences.

  • We know where and when to challenge and offer growth.
  • We know when and how to support, validate, or challenge appropriately and in a way that can be heard.
  • We are trained to look at our own reactions and feelings and know how to minimize this influence on you.
  • We will work and address any emotional blocks or barriers as they arise effortlessly, without being stuck or feeling “out of our element”.
  • Our assessment skills are highly developed and experienced.
  • We’ll work toward substantive change – significantly more than just a list of “pros” and “cons”.
  • We don’t use short term motivational techniques. We go beyond motivational interviewing techniques to produce a truly transformational experience with lasting change.
  • Your unconscious or subconscious emotions will not be ignored or neglected but instead recalibrated to help you achieve your goals.

Who Is Coaching For?

  • Those seeking a long term relationship
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Competitive athletes
  • Individuals reentering the workforce
  • Those feeling stuck
  • Young adults trying to figure out next steps
  • Those experiencing failure to launch
  • Businessmen and women stuck at a certain level
  • Artists looking to truly create
  • Addicts who want more than just sobriety
  • Those running for political office
  • Those wanting to really change the world
  • Those ready to treat their personal narratives as fluid and dynamic
  • Those ready to take the path less traveled but are nervous about all that may entail
  • Those with a spiritual or transpersonal calling
  • Those ready to transition from a place of healing to one of creation
  • Those ready to use their “inner rebel” to develop their potential
  • Those who highly gravitate toward self-improvement, and optimization

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