Emily Harrington-Cheney, LPC, IRT - Senior Associate

I believe that many people feel lost and alone, disconnected from themselves, those around them, and the greater whole. Stress from our society, culture, work, relationships, and unique circumstance leads us to get stuck in unhappy confusion. Change happens within the context of safe, caring connections with other human beings, and personal healing can ripple outward to friends, family, and eventually the wider world.

For individuals, I utilize a warm, attachment-based approach to help my clients explore anxiety, grief, and relationship struggles brought about by family of origin dynamics, developmental trauma, life transitions, and chronic disconnection.

With couples, I work within the Imago Relationship Therapy framework. Imago emphasizes safety, structure, and healthy communication to help partners connect around and beyond conflict. Ultimately, the Imago dialogue can significantly deepen and enhance romantic relationships, dissolving resentments and restoring loving energy to the bond.

As a group therapist, I strive to facilitate authentic emotional interaction among group members so that they can master the delicate balance between holding space for self and holding space for others. Group can be a powerful therapeutic experience, and I encourage most of my individual clients to join an interpersonal process group, whether with me or with another trusted professional.

I hold a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Texas State University, with a concentration in Marriage and Family Counseling. I spent two years with the Austin Center for Therapy & Assessment, and prior to that I completed my graduate counseling internship at Kaleidoscope Counseling and Assessment, where I enjoyed working with adolescents, adults, and couples. Before beginning a career in therapy, I earned a Master’s degree in Spanish Linguistics from the University of Texas and have taught Spanish for over 15 years in both high school and university settings.

In my free time, I enjoy table-top and video gaming, crossword puzzles, knitting, spending time with family and friends, and avoiding laundry.

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