Practice Philosophy

I am a relationally-focused clinician dedicated to helping others reach their full potential. I offer a safe space for anyone to share whatever they need and be whatever they need to be. I am relationally focused because I believe we can experience greater awareness and understanding of ourselves, others and our struggles from exploring how we experience the past and present relationships in our lives.

These struggles can manifest in many different forms which can include anxiety, depression, addiction, and unresolved trauma. Within the therapeutic relationship, I work with unconscious impulses and defenses that block the flow of energy and keep us stuck on repeat. Many of these conflicts are unconscious reenactments of childhood dynamics.

Clinically, I work to release these internal conflicts and reintroduce the fragmented parts of ourselves that have broken off in order to adapt to difficult times and situations. By integrating these parts, we feel more whole and authentic in who we are. This, in turn, brings vitality to our lives. As a therapist, I meet my clients where they are and set a pace that is both comfortable yet challenging.

Group Therapy

“Those successful in group are successful in life.”
~ Louis R. Ormont, Ph.D. (father of modern analytic group therapy)

The more we understand ourselves, the more we can understand others. The more we can understand others, the more we can understand ourselves. This process is not linear, it is circular. Group is the most powerful therapeutic modality to engage this process. I believe we learn more about ourselves in relationships, not in isolation. In relationship with other group members, we experience and gain an understanding of the feelings and impulses we naturally defend against in the here and now. Group becomes a microcosm of our everyday life, and embodies how we interact and engage with others, i.e. parents, spouses, peers, and friends.

Through group therapy, individuals are able to identify and express their feelings in a healthy and progressive manner in their personal relationships, while also holding space for others. Group therapy is a major focus of my work. Many people who see me for individual therapy, tend to join a group. I encourage individuals to stay in group for at least a year, allowing for relationships and norms to develop.


I work with individuals, couples, and groups, ages 14+. I specialize in working with those struggling with Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Addiction, Relationships, Developmental Transitions (i.e. adolescence), Behavioral Issues, Grief, Loss, and Emotional Dysregulation. Clinically, I work from an integrated lens of Psychodynamic, Interpersonal, and Affect Regulation.


I have been in Austin since I was ten years old, and I consider myself an Austinite. After high school, I enlisted into the United States Navy, and served on two deployments over the course of six years. After my enlistment, I attended St. Edwards University where I received my Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology and my Master of Arts in Counseling. Most recently, at Phoenix House Austin, I worked with adolescents in residential treatment. While there, I conducted four interpersonal processing groups a week, as well as individual and family therapy with my clients. In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer, strumming guitar, reading, and enjoying time with my wife and three dogs in our tiny home.

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