College Student Counseling in Austin, TX

Ways We Help

Louis Laves-Webb LCSW, LPC-S & Associates can assist college students with a variety of different challenges they face. Even if what you’re going through isn’t listed, our team can help you each step of the way when it comes to facing college life. 

Stress Management & Adjustment

  • Adapting to College Life

    Overcoming homesickness, dealing with academic pressures, and adjusting to new social dynamics.

  • Time Management

    Addressing procrastination, learning prioritization techniques, and balancing coursework with other responsibilities.

  • Career and Academic Decisions

    Helping you clarify your academic and career goals, including major selection and career path guidance.

Interpersonal Relationships

  • Social Challenges

    Assisting in making new friends, getting along with peers, and navigating roommate conflicts.

  • Family and Romantic Relationships

    Helping you manage long-distance relationships, family problems, and other relationship concerns.

  • Assertiveness Training

    Learning how to communicate more effectively, set boundaries, and resolve conflicts.

Mental Health Support

  • Anxiety and Depression

    Offering therapeutic treatments and coping strategies for these common mental health issues.

  • Addiction and Obsessive Behaviors

    Customized counseling services to address various forms of addiction and compulsive behaviors.

  • Suicidal Ideation and Crisis Management

    Providing immediate support and long-term strategies for those in crisis.

Identity & Self-Image

  • Gender and Sexuality

    Addressing concerns and questions about your identity in a confidential, safe space.

  • Faith and Spirituality:

    Exploring religious concerns and how they impact your personal growth and academic life.

Louis Laves-Webb, LCSW, LPC-S & Associates
"After sessions with Kalee Gower, I often find myself getting in my car, blasting music, and feeling a sense that all’s well in the world!"

Why Choose Us?

Our founder, Louis Laves-Webb, was an onsite counselor at the University of Texas at Austin for over a decade. During his time in this role, he learned the struggles and challenges that students at the University, as well as other universities in the area, face on a daily basis. Now, with his own practice, located within walking distance of both the University of Texas and Austin College, he’s providing guidance to students who are experiencing difficulties every day. He’s also spread his knowledge of the day-to-day challenges of a college student to the other counselors that Louis supervises. For a team of student counselors in Austin, TX that you can trust, choose Louis Laves-Webb & Associates.
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Our therapists have the education, training, and experience necessary to provide authentic and effective therapy. We continuously learn and train to ensure we can provide the best care possible for you.

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Your mental health is essential, and our therapists will do everything in their power to guide you on your journey towards wellness. We love helping our clients identify and achieve their mental health goals, while being there every step of the way.

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We firmly believe mental health services and therapy should be accessible to everyone. That's why we proudly offer fair rates, a sliding scale, and help guide you through insurance hurdles.

Confidentiality Guaranteed

Your privacy is a priority, and all services are compliant with Texas state law.

Your Therapy, Your Choice

In-Person Therapy Or Teletherapy

Face-to-Face counseling offers the comfort of being in an office setting, greater access to subtle psychological nuances that occur in person, and it helps to prevent possible outside interruptions.

Teletherapy counseling offers convenience, a therapeutically accessible and viable means of benefiting from therapy, and because it occurs in your own environment, it can allow you to feel more at ease and comfortable.

Why Choose a Local Therapist

  • Face-to-face Connection
  • Enhanced Communication
  • Immediate Support
  • Local Resources and Referrals
  • Privacy and Confidentiality

Meet Our Austin Therapists

At Louis Laves-Webb, LCSW, LPC-S & Associates, each one of our Austin therapists has their own perspective and clinical approach. Regardless of their approach, they are all exceptionally talented and will strive to provide the best care for you. Take some time to get to know our therapists by browsing our profiles and viewing our introduction videos. When you’re ready, or if you have any questions, fill out our online contact form, making sure to note if there’s a specific therapist you would like to work with. Once we receive your information, we’ll reach out to learn more about your goals and discuss how we can help you get there.

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Our Process, Your Journey

Meet the team

1. Get To Know Us

We understand you want to speak with a therapist you can trust and confide in, so take some time to get to know us, browse through our website, and view our Austin therapists’ profiles.

Schedule appointment

2. Schedule Your 

Once you’re ready to schedule a consultation, give us a call or fill out our online form. We’ll answer any questions you may have, learn more about your goals, and schedule an online therapy appointment.

Discuss with therapists

3. Let Us Listen

When it’s time for your appointment, try to be in a setting where you can be comfortable and speak freely. We’ll contact you on your preferred online platform and begin the journey towards wellness.

Two Convenient Austin Locations

Louis Laves-Webb, LCSW, LPC-S Central Austin location

Downtown Austin Location

601 W 18th Street
Austin, TX 78701

Our primary office is nestled in the vibrant downtown Austin area, adjacent to the renowned Museum District. For your parking convenience, the vicinity boasts multiple garages and lots, with the Guadalupe Garage and the 1601 Rio Grande Street Parking lot being our top recommendations. Find your route to our Downtown Austin counseling center through link below.

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Louis Laves-Webb, LCSW, LPC-S North Austin Location

North Austin

3818 Spicewood Springs Road, Suite 300
Austin, TX 78759

Our secondary office sits in the peaceful region of North Austin, just a stone's throw away from the MoPac Expressway. Parking is a breeze with complimentary on-site options available for all visitors. Our establishment neighbors the Spicewood Springs Plaza, found within the 3818 Business Plaza at 3818 Spicewood Springs Road. Plan your journey to our North Austin counseling center using the link below.

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Teletherapy and in-person therapy available.
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Ready to take the next step toward well-being and academic success? You can schedule an appointment by contacting us online or giving us a call at any time. At Louis Laves-Webb & Associates, we're committed to providing the guidance and support you need to thrive during your college years. For specialized college counseling services in Austin, Texas, trust Louis Laves-Webb & Associates. Get in touch today to start your journey to a healthier, happier academic experience.