"Clinical Supervisor of the Week" at the UT School Of Social Work

Louis Laves-Webb

July 19, 2021

The following is a quote by Louis Laves-Webb, LCSW, LPC-S in regards to the "Clinical Supervisor of the Week" award:

"I adhere to many of the core values that are represented in the majority of the healing professions. Values such as non-judgement, staying curious, continually learning and growing, a client's right to self-determination, and remaining strengths-based. This also includes looking at how culture, experiences of oppression, and systemic factors influence people, “starting where the client is”, and practicing in an ethically-informed way are each incorporated in my practice model.

I am a client-centered and Rogerian counselor at heart, with a heavy psycho-dynamic influence. I draw from other theoretical perspectives as well, including existential, relational, self-psychology, attachment, developmental psychology, modern-analytic, object-relations, jungian, transpersonal, and eastern.

Although I shared some of my theoretical propensity, I consider myself much more of an assessment driven clinician than theory driven practitioner. I work to help supervisees enhance their assessment skills, become even more attuned to their client’s needs and enhance their ability to deepen their work with clients. I encourage conversations regarding counter-transference and explore various techniques and ways to utilize your experiences in the room.

I work to offer simple yet impactful interventions that can help your sessions readily progress and create more clinical momentum. I take the role of supervisor seriously and also embrace opportunities for my own learning and influence from each member of the practice. I feel privileged to be able to practice psychotherapy and believe the profession to be a beautiful blend of art and skill."

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