A Simple Guide to Navigating Long Distance Relationships

Louis Laves-Webb

May 6, 2016

Building a lasting relationship takes a good amount of dedication, and adding distance into the equation could result in some challenges that will have to be overcome as a couple.

Differing schedules and lack of physical contact could turn communication troublesome and may create emotional distance between the two. However, there are many ways to keep your long-distance love safe so that your relationship will remain healthy and strong.

Communicate Effectively, Not Excessively

While the temptation in a long-distance relationship is to text constantly to make up for the lack of togetherness, this path could lead to unfavorable results in a relationship. A favorable route to take is one that builds good communication habits, rather than talking perpetually. Skip small talk, instead, discuss important happenings, feelings, thoughts or goals. Share your dreams, fun stories, and things that will make them smile. Communication of this nature allows for a constant learning experience and develops your relationship without stretching yourself too thin.

Know Your Significant Other’s Schedule

When you are aware of each other’s schedules, you know the best times to call. This is one aspect of effective communication, as you will get much more out of discussions if they’re happening at times where your loved one is free – not when one of you is rushing off to your next obligation.

Utilize Technology

You have the advantage of incredible technology that allows you to communicate effortlessly with anyone around the world. What better way to utilize it than by keeping in touch with your significant other? Set aside time in your schedules for a Zoom call to get in some communication with eye contact. Send a quick text message now and then to let the other person know that they’re in your thoughts. You could also make use of online gaming to keep in touch as you have some fun together, even at a distance.

Maintain a Positive Outlook

One of the best things you can do for each other is to be positive. By providing encouragement to one another rather than focusing on the negative aspects of being apart, you can enhance the feelings of hope and remind each other that your position is only temporary. Looking forward to the times you will be together gives you a joyful anticipation and makes those times even more meaningful.

Focus On Your Own Growth

The times you are apart provide opportunities to accomplish personal goals and further your ambitions as a person. Bringing some hesitation into a relationship could result in delicate feelings that might lead to obstacles down the line. However, two people who are confident and have a good sense of self have building blocks that could result in healthier, stronger relationships. This confidence stems from the ability of each person to feel fulfilled and respected as a result of pursuing their goals.

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