Twin Flames

Louis Laves-Webb, LCSW, LPC-S

December 6, 2023

Transpersonal Psychology places an emphasis on the soul, our respective soul journeys, spiritual growth/awakenings, and epiphanies.  Although, this branch of psychology isn’t usually a primary focus, it can contain fascinating concepts, provide a more encompassing and enriching perspective, and can offer unique insights.  Twin Flame relationships can be best conceptualized by leaning on a Transpersonal Psychological perspective. 

What is a twin flame relationship?

Although romantic relationships can be powerful and intimate, “Twin Flame” couples report a different level of intensity, connection, and bonding that seems to transcend “typical” relationships.  Twin Flame relationships are symbolized in certain films, stories, and romantic novels.  They are intimately connected and these couples shares a “soul path” that inevitably will draw them to one another.  Twins often report feeling unequivocally drawn to their partner either by unlikely coincidences, chances, or other encounters.  They often report having a compelling psychic connection with their partner and often report “feeling the other’s presence” even when they are not in contact with one another.  They often have prophetic dreams or intuitive insights pertaining to their partner and can have “known all along” that they would meet this person.  

Additionally, they either seem to have an uncanny amount in common or their life path has some distinct similarities and trajectory.  They often experience a profound unconditional love for their partner right away, experience a “spiritual awakening”, and have deep seated psychological/emotional observations ripen and arise to the surface.  

However, this “other worldly” intensity and dynamic can evoke feelings of fear, confusion, and overwhelm causing twin flames to have periods of separation and can create a “chaser/runner” experience.   Twin flames are conceptualized as “mirror souls” where one soul inhabits two bodies and so they are inherently looking for their other half throughout their life.  Although this appears to be a romantic notion, it is inherently challenging as they can mirror each other’s strengths, weaknesses, traumas, and other vulnerabilities.  The intensity of the psychic connection, the psychological demand, and the spiritual transcendence can make these relationships difficult to navigate, understand, and continue.  However, once both parties realize what a Twin relationship is like, once they address some of the psychological barriers to the relationship, and they finally surrender to their path together, these relationships can be some of the most personally rewarding, loving, and empowering type of relationship experiences that exist.

How do you know if you are in a twin flame relationship? 

  1. There is an intense feeling of recognition and familiarity almost immediately that otherwise shouldn’t exist. They may have the experience of knowing one another for many years when in fact they have just met. 
  2. A connection that is “off the charts”.  There is a psychic, energetic, and psychological connection that feels profound, meaningful, and contains unconditional love and healing energies throughout. 
  3. Uncanny similarities are present in multiple ways that seem to simply mirror one another and encompass past experiences, interests, values, communication styles, etc..
  4. There is an effortless complementary experience of one another.  The “partnering” happens almost instinctively and the couple feels connected, protective, and cared for immediately.
  5. There is a significant amplification of insecurities, anxieties, fears, and traumas that are released and experienced causing some difficulties and unease. 
  6. There is a pull to come together while simultaneously a pull to part.  Think of it as a magnet that attracts when poles are aligned, while repels when misaligned. 
  7. There is an immediate call to look at yourself psychologically, spiritually, and intuitively to help try and figure out the connection, the meaning of it, and to attempt to successfully navigate it. 
  8. Inspiration for growth and to become a more mature and whole person all around. 

“When I met my twin, my life completely changed, I began to see the world differently, I engaged more with my divinity, my consciousness shifted, I experienced unconditional love, and I became better”. 

If you believe that you may have met your twin flame or are currently with your twin flame and are trying to navigate this intense and profound new experience, please reach out today.  I have professional and personal experience with Twin Flame relationships and care deeply about helping these couples navigate some of the inherent challenges to arrive at the true fulfillment and purpose of these extraordinary relationships. 

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