Your Mental Health Shouldn’t Be Determined By The Size Of Your Wallet


That’s why we offer a variety of pricing options to find the therapy that works for you.

Choosing a therapist who is right for you is an important decision. The professional you choose should be understanding, empathetic, and have the skills to offer genuine assistance. We can connect you with a therapist based on your individual needs, or offer couples or group therapy to fit your budget.

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Our practice is a provider for several insurance companies, including: BC/BS, Aetna, Human Behavioral Health, Humana and Tricare.

Please contact your insurance company with any specific questions regarding your eligibility or benefits.

*Please note associates can provide receipt of services, but do not accept insurance.

Associate Sessions

We know that many people are open to improving their mental health through therapy, but aren’t sure how to pay for it. Whether it’s just you or your whole family, we want to give you the chance to talk to a therapist at an affordable rate. Our associates are given extensive training by highly experienced therapy experts with over 18 years of experience to give you the best care at a reasonable price.

Sometimes, speaking with family or friends just isn’t enough. In individual therapy, we work with you to treat issues or mental conditions and improve your overall quality of life. Our therapy sessions are tailored to your particular needs.

Our initial couple’s consultation is used to determine what your particular goals are for therapy. This can be to keep conflict discussions calm, increase respect, affection, and closeness, or something else.

Group therapy occurs when a group of people meets with a therapist to discuss problems, process interpersonal interactions, and support one another’s emotional growth. Often, participants are encouraged to share moments of strength as well as personal challenges with other group members as a mechanism for exploration and ultimately to experience insight, group cohesiveness, and reparative experiences within the group.

Please inquire regarding sliding scale fee slots and monthly payment options. Further slots may be available on an individual basis, based on need. Please note: These are our general fee structures. Each individual therapist may offer additional fee structures. Please consult with your specific therapist regarding their fees and structure.)

Sessions with Louis

Louis Laves-Webb, LCSW, LPC-S is a psychotherapy expert that has over 25 years of experience in the counseling industry and 18 years of owning and operating his own therapy practice. Read Louis’ Full Bio.

Individual therapy can help treat mental health issues that would otherwise meddle with your daily routine. Our standard 50-minute therapy sessions are tailored to your particular needs. Shorter or longer sessions are also available if agreed upon depending on the case.

Couples counseling allows a couple to have a more impartial view of their relationship. Our couples therapy is science-based and goal-oriented. It can help you and your partner break through and resolve conflict.

Weekly 90 minute sessions are $30-$60 per session with our LCSWs and LPCs. You pay for your place in the group, so you are charged for every week the group meets, whether you attend or not.

Our in-depth drug and alcohol assessments have also been used in state licensing matters, DWI cases, child custody cases, and as supplements to legal preparations. We use drug assessment tools including the SASSI-3, DAST, and MAST.

Senior Associates Sessions

Our senior associates are highly trained and experience therapists that are here to give you peace of mind. These associates have dedicated their work to improving the mental health of their clients.

In individual therapy, we collaborate with you to help treat issues and manage mental conditions with the end goal of improving your quality of life. Our standard 50-minute therapy sessions are tailored to your particular needs, with shorter or longer sessions possible on a case by case basis.

Participants in group therapy are urged to share both moments of strength and personal challenges with other group members. This helps to produce insights and build cohesiveness within the group. We offer group therapy at times convenient for you, such as evenings and weekends.

Couples counseling sessions can help you and your significant other to view your relationship more objectively. Our science-based, goal-oriented approach helps couples build and maintain enduring improvements in their relationships.

*Please note associates can provide receipt of services, but do not accept insurance.

Our Commitment to Affordable Therapy

In alignment with our mission to provide high quality therapy that is accessible, we prioritize offering our services at or below median price. Additionally, we encourage our practitioners to offer some sliding scale options as a regular part of their practice structure.

We value the mental health of our clients and community and work diligently to advocate for affordability on both the micro and macro levels of our society. If affordability is a concern, we encourage you to discuss this with your therapist in your initial conversation. They can discuss options with you like monthly payment plans, sliding scale rates, group therapy, or flexible therapeutic cadences; each of which can offer an effective means to speak to your mental health needs.

Please know that our goal is to make affordable, effective therapy a reality so you can get the help you need.

We look forward to listening to you.

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