Are you currently feeling stuck or finding it difficult to connect to what matters most in your life? Perhaps you're grappling with emotional pain or difficult thoughts. If these types of struggles are persistent or even becoming more chronic in nature, a fresh perspective and a professional approach can offer greater clarity, comfort, and enhanced growth. Together, we can foster a heightened ability to observe thoughts and emotions, empowering you to make liberating choices aligned with your true priorities.

In guiding your therapeutic journey, my focus revolves around honoring your distinct experiences. I recognize you as the ultimate authority on your personal journey, possessing an innate wisdom that I am committed to helping you uncover.

My approach to the therapeutic relationship is rooted in genuine humanity and compassion. While I may bring various techniques and tools to our sessions, your feedback on what resonates or doesn't is invaluable throughout our collaborative process.

Our exploration can also include exploring barriers to change, emotional regulation, and interpersonal relationships.  This approach can underscore the profound impact of past relationships on current psychological functioning.  The therapeutic process may also include exploring the tension between opposing psychological forces and actively constructing meaning as we explore your inner landscape.  I see this work as a shared endeavor where both your insights and mine contribute to the rich tapestry of greater understanding and development.

Embarking on this path can require courage, and I offer a complimentary consultation to ensure our compatibility before committing to regular sessions. I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and invite you to reach out with any questions about the initial process.

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Dan Champoux, LMSW on The Unalome