International & Cultural Concerns

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What Is Culture Sensitivity?

A clinician who is culturally sensitive is aware that there can be differences between their culture and another person’s, and that these uniqueness’s can play a significant role in how one derives meaning, develops relationships, and experiences the world. Additionally, cultural sensitivity attempts to be free from prejudices and preconceptions about other cultures. Whether it’s a family culture, economic culture, social culture, religious culture, or ethnic culture, each has its own set of rules, mores and attitudes. As counselors, we work to pay careful attention to cultural nuances so that we can be understanding, sensitive and compassionate to another’s experience. We take extra time and consideration in working with and exploring a client’s culture because without this context our ability to empathize can be compromised. We work diligently to approach culture from a framework of curiosity and the need to be educated by our clients.

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