Associate Spotlight: Emily Harrington-Cheney, LPC

Kalee Gower, LCSW

November 17, 2023

This month we would like to take a moment to acknowledge one of our senior associates, Emily Harrington-Cheney, LPC, for her tremendous work in our practice over the past two years.

Emily is an individual, group, and Imago certified couples therapist working online and out of our central Austin office. She’s not one to brag about herself, so we will brag on her behalf. Emily is the definition of a lifelong learner. Not only does she have a prior career as an accomplished Spanish professor, she is almost always consuming a non-fiction book and deepening her knowledge of Jungian depth psychology, Internal Family Systems, and other clinical topics of interest.

Emily is not only brilliant, but she’s known for her genuine warmth. She embodies one of the qualities that the best therapists have: deep wisdom that comes only from living a robust life and having “walked the walk” so to speak. It is no surprise that she is often working with individuals and couples as they go through mid and late life transitions. Many of her clients are curious types, are excited to get to know themselves better, and may also identify as highly sensitive. Others are couples seeking to deepen their love and intimacy, or individuals looking to participate in Emily’s ongoing process group that she co-facilitates with her husband, who’s also a therapist.

If you have the chance to be in Emily’s presence, you will sense her depth and in turn you will sense your own. One of her greatest lessons in life that she imparts to others has been learning to look at life symbolically. “When you are able to see the metaphor, life becomes so much richer and more meaningful.” Some of her favorite reads of her lifetime have been the His Dark Materials series, Eckhart Tolle’s New Earth, and anything by Jungian analyst Dr. James Hollis.

Please join us in celebrating Emily Harrington-Cheney!

Emily loves teaching the Imago skill of mirroring to couples. Mirroring is an invaluable way to help partners feel very heard and miscommunications don't take hold.
"When you are able to see the metaphor, life becomes so much richer and more meaningful." - Emily Harrington-Cheney

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