How to Ease Seasonal Affective Disorder Symptoms

Louis Laves-Webb

November 21, 2018

Do you suffer from seasonal affective disorder? When your mood significantly lowers as Winter approaches and it feels like Mother Nature is in control of your inner happiness, you may.

SAD is more than just a case of the post-holiday blues. Like any type of depression, this disorder is characterized by social withdrawal, hopelessness, and fatigue. The difference is that the majority of your symptoms manifest amid the holidays and winter months. Thankfully, the following tips can go a long way toward helping you to overcome seasonal affective disorder.

Increase Your Exposure to Light

During the colder months, the days are shorter and darker and more gloomy, so you cannot absorb as much natural sunlight as you may desire. Many studies show that erratic weather can have a detrimental impact on your emotional health.

However, if you engage in phototherapy on a daily basis, you can neutralize negative emotions, namely sadness and depression. All you need is a light box, and the market has a number of great options. This device works wonders for sufferers of SAD because it generates a bright light that mimics real sunshine. The best time to use it is in the morning. If you sit in front of the light box for at least 30 minutes, you can potentially alleviate the symptom of holiday depression.

Put a Dawn Simulator in Your Bedroom

Dawn simulators can serve a useful purpose in your life. Like an alarm clock, they are designed to give you a wake-up call, but what makes them unique is their ability to produce an invigorating light that gradually intensifies. Out of all the available models, the full-spectrum dawn simulator is the most effective.

Break Free From Your Sedentary Lifestyle

Owing to the changes in the weather, you are more likely to neglect the recreational activities that are beneficial to your physical, mental and emotional health. Your body needs to be exercised in one way or another, so ignore the rain or snow. You can give yourself a good workout in the comfort of your home. Pilates and yoga are excellent practices that have been around for centuries, and they may turn out to be your antidote to holiday depression because they have what it takes to boost your vitality and your spirits.

Adopt a Healthier Diet

According to multiple studies, seasonal affective disorder can cause you to crave foods that contain a large number of bad carbs, such as sugary treats. If you indulge in pastries and sweetened beverages, your body is going to experience a surge of energy and an ensuing sugar crash, which will make you lethargic and sluggish. For this reason, it is in your best interest to eat a well-balanced diet. Good carbs, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids can help you in your effort to block out holiday blues.


Like any type of depression, seasonal affective disorder isn’t a choice you can change with positive thinking. There are aspects of SAD that you can only mollify by moving somewhere with milder winters. However, there are environmental factors you get that are in your control. Improving your diet, sleep, exercise, and the amount of sunlight you get can make a world of difference.

You should consider consulting a professional if you aren’t able to improve your situation on your own. Asking for help isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.

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