Group Therapy Options We Offer

What is group therapy?

Group therapy occurs when a group of people meets with a therapist to discuss problems, process interpersonal interactions, and support one another’s emotional growth. Often, participants are encouraged to share moments of strength as well as personal challenges with other group members as a mechanism for exploration and ultimately to experience insight, group cohesiveness, and reparative experiences within the group.

Group Therapy at Louis Laves-Webb, LCSW, LPC-S & Associates

Group therapy at our practice is not only convenient, it’s also affordable!

  • Group therapy is $30-$60 per session
  • We offer group therapy at convenient times, including evenings and weekends

Why should I join group therapy?

Group counseling serves two purposes:

  • It serves as a venue to bring together multiple people who have been through similar experiences
  • It provides a chance to explore the dynamics of interpersonal interaction in an experiential way

Participants in group therapy have the opportunity to explore not only “who they are” but additionally “how they are”. The other members of the group can provide insight and support while reinforcing the idea that no one within the group is alone in his or her struggle.

Group therapy offers guidance alongside a sense of community that may not be present in other types of counseling. Therapy in a group also offers the same level of confidentiality and affirmation that can be found in individual counseling, but the counseling happens among other human beings with experiences that are relatable.

What are the benefits of group therapy?

A place to sound off

Saying your thoughts and problems aloud gives other group members the chance to offer a fresh perspective on your situation. Your peers may be able to see places for healing or improvement that you are unable to see currently. Opening your experience to the viewpoint of others can be a step towards life-affirming feedback.

Ongoing motivation

The trials and successes of fellow humans are an incredible source of validation and motivation. Others can serve as a reminder that success is possible. Those participating in group therapy may be more inclined to push themselves beyond stagnation when they bond with others doing the same.

Support from multiple people

Group therapy provides the rare opportunity to reach out to others in need and let others reach out to you. A truly cohesive group lead by a talented therapist can support you in ways that few other therapeutic modalities are able.

Helping others

Groups of people can help you learn things about yourself you may not have known before. However, In the open and honest atmosphere of group therapy, you are in a unique position to also support others, help them see their own blind spots and share your unique experiences with those who may appreciate the normalization and support surrounding their own struggles.

Social skill building

Group therapy sessions are the perfect place to engage with others. People who understand your conflicts can often be more open to socialization and better understand your boundaries, creating more interpersonal safety then in most other social situations.


Group therapy can cost less than the average individual counseling therapy. If money is a barrier to addressing your mental health needs, consider the advantages of receiving therapy among others.

Our Group Therapy Options

Psychodynamic Adult Process Groups

These are ongoing, adult process groups for individuals with different presenting concerns and backgrounds, orienting
around the shared goals of deepening relationships with self and others, and using the relationships within the
group for therapeutic growth and change. This group acknowledges the influence that relationships have in
shaping who we are and how we are, and thus believes the possibility for deep
healing and change happens within the context of the group environment.

In these groups we explore our feelings, thoughts, impulses and defenses that arise in our relationships with other
group members. Carl Jung once said that “everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding
of ourselves.” In group, we seek understanding and awareness of ourselves and others. Members do this by building
what we call an observing ego; a silent observer that registers our emotional state without judgment of right or
wrong, sane or insane. That, in turn, allows change to occur and expands our capacity for awareness and acceptance.

These groups benefit those who are:

  • Wanting understanding of themselves in relationships with others
  • Wanting healthier relationships in their lives
  • Wanting to have a deeper sense of self
  • Struggling with anxiety, depression, emotional regulation, trauma, and interpersonal skills

We offer a Tuesday group at our north location from 12-1:20pm and a Wednesday group at our central location from

Groups are facilitated by Kalee Gower, LCSW, and Robbie Price, LPC. Kalee has extensive training and practice in mindfulness and group therapy. Robbie is trained and practiced in psychodynamic and interpersonal group psychotherapy.

For more information or to schedule a group consultation, please contact Robbie Price at (512) 537-8002.