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Supervised By Louis Laves-Webb, LCSW, LPC-S

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There are various experiences that may lead you to seek therapy. Of course, your specific reasons will be unique to you, but some examples can include: wanting to feel like you’ve got it together but too often you’re caught up in waves of self-criticism, anxiety, loneliness, disappointment and frustration. You might find yourself swinging between feeling like you're too much or feeling like you are not enough. You might be struggling with perfectionistic tendencies leaving you feeling like nothing is quite good enough. Perhaps you long for a deep connection with a partner or someone you are dating, but fears surrounding abandonment, shame or not feeling seen and understood may make it challenging to connect. You are going through a life transition or are facing a chronic health condition and don’t know how to navigate through these challenges.

My Therapy Approach

I view therapy as a collaborative process where I truly listen and work together with you to help identify possible barriers to living authentically and fully, increase your self-awareness, and offer insight into experiences and beliefs. I practice with a trauma informed approach, utilizing mindfulness techniques to help you develop more connection between the mind and body. Additionally, I work to help offer you a deeper understanding of your past, including family of origin experiences and relationship patterns. Your view of yourself and the concerns you bring to therapy are uniquely shaped by your life experiences; and as such, I really want to get to know and understand your view of the world.

I take an empathic, compassionate, and supportive approach to therapy. Developing trust and a sense of safety is a process. I respect that you will share what you deem necessary for our work together in a manner and within a timeframe that is comfortable for you. No matter how stuck you might feel, I also trust you have the capacity to transform. Whenever you’re ready is exactly the right time to start.

Specialty Areas

I work with individuals, couples and groups ages 16 and over. My specialties include working with people to:

  • develop healthy self-esteem and increase capacity for knowing themselves
  • overcome anxiety they feel in their relationships and learn how to develop and communicate healthy boundaries
  • shift relationship dynamic from acting as two separate individuals to that of a partnership, creating a relationship that works for both partners
  • break down perfectionist tendencies by developing insight and new tools around fears and feelings of unworthiness driving the behavior
  • understand the root of the dissatisfaction with their bodies and begin to integrate a new pathway around disordered eating
  • explore grief and loss due to the ending of a relationship, life chapter or diagnosis of a chronic health condition
  • manage symptoms of depression and anxiety

What Can You Expect In Therapy

First, you will attend a 50-minute intake session where we will explore your background history, the concerns bringing you to counseling and together, set tentative goals. Next, we will schedule out several future 50-minute sessions to start working on these goals. The ultimate number of sessions we have will depend on what goals are set and how frequently you can come. The biggest predictor of length of time is how hard you are willing to work on your own behaviors and perceptions.

As for what happens within our sessions, current research, as well as my experience and training, help me to determine the best way to focus our time together. I draw on a number of modalities, including psychodynamic, internal family systems, mind-body, and cognitive and behavioral approaches, that will be most effective in addressing your concerns.

About Me

Prior to my private practice, I worked in a number of different settings including a university counseling center and an adult psychiatric hospital. I completed my Masters in Science in Social Work at The University of Texas at Austin as well as a previous Master in International Affairs from Columbia University and Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and Russian Studies from Indiana University. I came to psychotherapy as a second career, thus bring to client work my experience of parenting, marriage, and work in the corporate and non-profit sectors. Outside of my professional role, I can be found reading the latest attachment or neurobiology books, immersing myself into psychology or Buddhist podcasts, and trying out the newest restaurants. I love traveling and having new experiences, especially with my middle-school aged son and best friends. I also enjoy hiking and listening to live music.

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