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There are some circumstances that can make it challenging to physically come into the office for face-to-face counseling. To assist with this, I offer Skype sessions as a regular part of my practice. Additionally, because so much of our present world occurs online, online counseling makes getting the help you are looking for easier and more accessible.

Online counseling can be a good alternative to face-to-face counseling if you’re in a situation in which you are traveling often, sick or home bound, or are having difficulties leaving the safety of your home environment. Although Skype counseling feels a little different than in-person counseling, many clients report receiving benefits that closely resemble those received from face-to-face interaction. As long as you have access to a computer and a private place where you feel comfortable speaking, Skype sessions are a simple and viable method of getting the assistance you maybe looking for.

COVID-19 Update

Confidential Online Support Group

In light of most recent challenges that have touched our community and world, Louis Laves-Webb, LCSW, LPC-S and Associates is continuing to advocate for the emotional and mental health needs of our central Texas community and is currently forming a confidential online support group to address the growing feelings of anxiety, fear, loss, loneliness, and helplessness surrounding COVID-19

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COVID-19 General Info and Teletherapy

Online Counseling from the comfort of your home.

Skype/Chat Counseling Fees

30-minute individual initial consultation

No cost

50-minute individual session


50-minute couples initial consultation


50-minute couples session