boredom therapy

Boredom Therapy – The Therapeutic Benefits of Being Bored

Boredom is beneficial in that it triggers us to search for meaning. Despite often being thought of as a mundane, passive emotion, boredom is much more. It’s not a single emotion but an expansive spectrum of emotions related to one’s desire for a meaningful life. And it can be a strong motivator for making positive changes to your life. Learn more about how boredom’s therapeutic benefits.


“I Hate My Parents” – What It’s Like to Forgive Them

You can’t change your past, but each moment is a new opportunity to let go of your anger and forgive your parents. Forgiveness is never a decision you make only once. It’s a process. A series of decisions.
You have the power (and the responsibility) to choose and to change, little by little, the way you see the world. By repeatedly choosing to forgive, you’ll make the world feel a bit lighter and a bit easier to live in.