optimistic nihilism

What is Optimistic Nihilism?

Optimistic nihilism isn’t a cure for depression. It’s a way of looking at upsetting concepts like death with a more accepting attitude. You can’t choose whether or not to be depressed, but you can choose how you wish to mitigate it. Put on your philosophy hats and let’s talk about happy topics like death, nihilism, and existential dread!

A Statement On Grief

Grief is often associated with the loss of a life. However grief can also be thought of as a significant emotion that can accompany a change in perception, a change of roles, or the loss of something sacred. As with all types of loss, the emotion of grief can be experienced as a process that can include: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Although each individual may grieve differently, grief is an important emotional state that when honestly felt can bring about hope, resiliency, and life-affirming coping responses.